Watch Demi Lovato Hold a Man on a Leash in Sirah's Music Video for 'Deadbeat' Featuring Skrillex

Wrapped up in a black fur coat, the 'Sorry Not Sorry' songstress is seen chilling in bed with her best friend while holding a guy on a leash.

AceShowbiz - Demi Lovato makes a surprise cameo in Sirah's music video for "Deadbeat", which features Skrillex. Directed by David Forehand, the clip, which was released on November 14, sees the "Sorry Not Sorry" songstress hanging out with the rapstress while holding a guy on a leash.

The nearly-three-minute music video opens with old home footage of Sirah's parents before it switches to show the Grammy Award-winning rapper dancing with a group of female dancers in Los Angeles. "None of my crew got a father figure/ But all of my crew make a father figure," she raps. "The bigger the figure/ The more that they listen/ They listen and figures/ They seeing a vision."

"Deadbeat" was rumored to be Sirah's diss track against her father, who died of a heroin overdose when she was 12 years old. However, the rapper has clarified that the song is actually a tribute to him. "This is not because my dad was a deadbeat, but more about how his death impacted me and how I changed as a result of that," she told Entertainment Weekly. "I also wanted to honor him because this month is the anniversary of his death."

Regarding Demi's appearance in the clip, Sirah said that the former Disney star was willing to appear in the music video after the rapper asked her. "I called and told her I was going to come by in lingerie with a shirtless man wearing a dog leash and throw money on her in the most intimate location possible: her bedroom," Sirah explained.

The Los Angeles rapper then revealed that Demi was one of the first people to hear the track, which Sirah wrote after a life-changing trip to Kenya with Demi and her other friends. "I realized I needed to tell the full truth in my songs," she remarked. Sirah also added that the line, "Baddies with daddy issues," was inspired by Demi, who recorded a song titled "Daddy Issues" for "Tell Me You Love Me".

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