This American Rapper Upsets BTS Fans With Her Raunchy Tweets About Jungkook

Elizabeth Eden Harris a.k.a. CupcakKe is slammed for her sexually explicit comments about the member of the popular South Korean boyband.

AceShowbiz - Not only hate, but one's expression of love can also cause an uproar on internet, especially when it's about one of the biggest K-pop stars these days. American rapper CupcakKe has enraged Bangtan Boys (BTS) fans for her raunchy tweets about the group's member, Jungkook.

The sex-positive rapper has been tweeting out her attraction to the 20-year-old South Korean heartthrob and she didn't try to hide it that she's sexually interested with Jungkook. One of her tweets read, "Jungkook stan mad I said imma f**k jungkook .. lmao ... I said what I said and I meant that s**t."

A.R.M.Y, the nickname for BTS fans, have since called out CupcakKe for her sexually explicit comments about Jungkook. "I wouldn't be surprised if bighit sues her for like sexual harassment," one replied to her comment. Big Hit Entertainment is the company that manages the "DNA" hitmaker.

The fan explained, "what i am trying to say is that you can have your 18+ tweets. but don't do it 24/7, tag the person you're talking about, and encourage people to do it. bts are attracted to girls, but probably not a girl that acts like that. if you really want jungkook to like you or any guy in general, be yourself."

Another claimed, "I'm sorry gurrlll. That's disrespectful as Jungkook has said he doesn't like sexual comments on him." One other similarly added, "First of all, this is not a good way to express the 'love' of someone."

But CupcakKe refused to back down. As fans expressed their anger toward her, the Chicago-born raptress responded, "You mad I want to f**k him? If he tweeted I want to f**k cupcakKe, why would I get mad? I will let him stick his d**k in my mouth GOODNIGHT." She added in another post, "Said I want to f**k jungkook . And I meant that s**t , I'm waiting on his number now."

The 20-year-old rapper also revealed that she got nasty comments from BTS fans regarding her tweets about Jungkook. She wrote, "Jungkook fan base are on my Instagram telling me to kill myself making some of the sickest comments ever ,what a very disturbing fanbase."

Some Twitters users, however, have defended CupcakKe. "Are you also gonna ridicule all the other fan girls that say s**t like this cause tbh until Cupcakke said s**t it wasn't a problem," one wrote. Another pointed out, "Literally all bts fans say they wanna f**k jungkook they mad for no reason boo."

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