Millie Bobby Brown Reveals She Is Deaf in One Ear

The 'Stranger Things' actress expresses her passion for singing and her aspirations to be in Broadway even though she admittedly lost her hearing.

AceShowbiz - Millie Bobby Brown seems to continuously amaze and inspire the world after her breakthrough role as Eleven on the wildly popular Netflix show "Stranger Things". The young actress, who always amazes anyone she has ever worked with even though she never received any formal voice training or formal acting classes, told Variety that she was born with partial hearing loss in one of her ears. She had tubes for years only to find out that her hearing completely faded away.

She admitted that each time she performed, be it acting or singing, she could not fully hear herself. Even so, she never let her hearing loss become an impediment. She never lost her confidence and simply did the best she could in every performance. "You can talk with your face," she said. "It's very easy for someone to say, 'I'm mad. I'm sad. I'm angry.' I have to just do it with my face," she firmly stated. "You don't have to be good at singing. You don't have to be good at dancing or acting. If you like to do it, if you genuinely enjoy doing it, then do it. No one should stop you," she encouraged the readers and her fans.

In an interview with W Magazine earlier this year, she said that she aspired to be a singer since she was three. During her visit to "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" in September, where she showed off her musical talent by rapping Nicki Minaj's verse from the track "Monster", she revealed that she specifically wanted to be in a musical "Matilda". "I like her wittiness. She's funny and also just extremely smart, all at the same time," she explained her reason. Even though her co-stars who appeared in Broadway productions warned her of the grueling rehearsal schedule, Brown said that she was unfazed and possibly even excited by the thought. "That's why I would like to. I think Broadway's such a tough kind of routine."

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