Snoop Dogg Slams Donald Trump in New Track 'Make America Crip Again'

In the three-minute song, the 'Drop It Like It's Hot' rapper says that people should make America crip again rather than make it great again.

AceShowbiz - %cSnoop Dogg% has unleashed a new track entitled "M.A.C.A. (Make America Crip Again)" off his upcoming album. In the three-minute song, the rapper takes aim at President %cDonald Trump% and urges people to unite again.

The song starts off with a speech, "I don't f**k with you guys, you disrespecting me. You disrespect my hood by telling me take off my flag. You lucky on that day I was acting cool 'cause I told you I ain't got time for that, but today I got time."

With "The world is yours" on the hook, the rapper starts spitting his lines, which are directed at Trump, "The president says he wants to make America great again/ F**k that s**t, we going to make America crip again."

Snoop Dogg then raps about black millionaires who support Trump, still calling out the president, "So many millionaires with skin like mine/ Don't pretend like I'm/ With that bulls**t your president been tweeting."

The "Young, Wild & Free" rapper continued, "Don't you look strange having all that power but you won't make change."

The song will be included in his upcoming EP entitled "Make America Crip Again", which is set to be released on October 27. The set features collaborations with several artists, including %cChris Brown% and %cO.T. Genasis%.

In a recent interview, Snoop Dogg revealed that he hoped that the EP would make people unite rather than being separated. "A lot of people glorify the gang-banging and violence but forget that in the beginning, Crip's main and sole purpose was to be the reflection of the Black Panthers," he said. "They looked after kids, provided after-school activities, fed them and stepped in as role models and father figures."

"When you listen to my records, there's always been a mix of conscious records and party records and this EP continues the trend," he continued. "I'm taking it back to the era of being for ourselves and for everyone else. I'm for the evolution of people coming together and being one as opposed to being separate. Music is the best way to heal."

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