A Pink's Naeun Gets Another Bomb Threat at College Event

The culprit is revealed to be the same person who said that he had placed a bomb at A Pink's showcase avenue.

AceShowbiz - A Pink's Naeun received a bomb threat prior to an event at Dongguk University's Seoul campus. The singer was scheduled to attend the event called "Dongguk Love 111 Campaign to Celebrate the 1000th Anniversary, Commemorative Ceremony for Celebrity Alumni Donations and Public Relations Ambassador Appointment" on Thursday, October 19.

Two hours before the event was set to start, an anonymous caller contacted the police, saying, "Explosives have been installed." Police were dispatched to the scene immediately, but after the venue was thoroughly searched, police did not discover any bombs.

The event, which was also attended by celebrities like Lee Kyung Kyu and Chae Jung An, was eventually started at 2:20 P.M. A source from Dongguk University said, "We were going to start the event at 2 P.M., but the police asked us to delay the event until they were done investigating. After confirming that there were no [bombs], we began the event at 2:20 P.M."

A source from Son Naeun's side commented, "The police returned to their stations after completing an on-site investigation. Thankfully, nothing happened."

It's later revealed that the culprit was the same man who threatened A Pink since June this year. Her agency Plan A Entertainment told media outlets, "It's been determined the terrorist is from overseas. The person involved in the situation has been identified, and there are plans for Interpol to arrest him."

Previously, A Pink received death threat in June from a man who called 112 and claimed, "I will go to A Pink's agency's headquarters on June 14 at 9 P.M. and kill the members with a knife." Police were dispatched to Plan A Entertainment's headquarters in Nonhyeon-dong, Seoul where the members were practicing. However, the culprit never showed up.

Later on June 25, just a day before the release of the group's new album "Pink UP", the same man threatened that he would plant a bomb at A Pink's showcase venue. After police searched the place and didn't find anything suspicious, the showcase proceeded as scheduled with tight security.

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