Katy Perry Bans Taylor Swift's Songs From 'American Idol'

No contestant is going to sing Taylor's songs during the auditions since Katy 'is insisting on a drama-free 'idol'.'

AceShowbiz - %cKaty Perry% seemingly doesn't want to get reminded of her enemy %cTaylor Swift% any where and any time, including on "American Idol" revival. Now that she serves as one of the judges on the ABC show, the "Swish Swish" singer reportedly bans the contestants from singing any of Taylor's song.

However, a source explains to Naughty Gossip that it's not because she hates the "Look What You Made Me Do" singer, but because Katy wants to keep the spotlight on the show and the contestants. "Katy wants the show to be about finding new talent not the ongoing drama between her and Taylor," reveals the source.

The source continues saying, "If someone auditioning sings a Taylor song then the whole thing becomes about Katy's reaction, not the person auditioning."

Katy reportedly "is insisting on a drama-free 'idol'." In addition, "she's not exactly upset that people will be singing her hits and not Taylor's."

On the revived show, Katy will be joined by fellow coaches %cLionel Richie% and %cLuke Bryan%. Meanwhile, %cRyan Seacrest% once again will host the show, which previously aired on FOX for 15 seasons since 2002 until 2016.

Katy was the first singer tapped to be the judge for the new season with a whooping $25 million contract, before the show announced the R&B singer and the country crooner as the second and third judge. "I am very excited to be joining Katy, Luke and Ryan on 'American Idol'. As a singer, songwriter and producer, I feel I can bring a great deal of experience to the table. It's going to be so much fun!" 68-year-old Richie gushed in a statement. Meanwhile, Luke said, "To be in a position in my career to help facilitate this along with the other judges is just a complete honor. It's gonna be a blast!"

"This is the dream team," the "Bon Apetit" singer gushed over her co-stars during an appearance on "Good Morning America", adding that the three of them clicked from Day 1.

"American Idol" is set to premiere in early 2018 on ABC.

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