f(x)'s Amber Reveals She's a Victim of Sexual Harassment

The 'Electric Shock' hitmaker adds her voice to the #MeToo movement launched by actress Alyssa Milano.

AceShowbiz - Korean singer Amber Liu, better known simply as Amber, has taken part in the #MeToo movement launched by Alyssa Milano. The f(x) member revealed on Twitter on Thursday, October 19 that she herself was a victim of sexual harassment.

"It happens everywhere, even here. I want to add my voice as well," she posted on the micro-blogging site. "Not only from what I have experienced but also from what I have seen my friends and loved ones have to go through..."

She added, "and because it's so common, I hate to say it.. the feelings became so numb and we all felt that we just had to 'deal with it.' As the human race, let's continue to show love, compassion and respect towards one another."

Amber didn't go into detail about the unpleasant experience, but she recently had a perfect response to an Internet troll who shamed her about her body shape. The hater asked, "oh my gad AMBER where is your chest."

She posted on October 16 a vlog titled "WHERE IS MY CHEST? (Responding to Hate Comments)." The footage opened with "WARNING: EXTREME SARCASM AHEAD" in big bold letters. She responded to the question, "Huh. Good question. I think I should start looking for that. I think I've been like... putting that off for too long. So umm... yeah... let's go then."

After searching around but unable to find it, the 25-year-old singer then embarked on a journey literally asking her neighbors and friends around to find her chest. One awkwardly suggested, "Did you check under your shirt?"

Amber also showed possible options for chest replacement in a behind-the-scenes video. She blew two balloons and tried to put them under her shirt.

The "Borders" songstress, who is known for her tomboy image, also shut down hater who commented, "Imagine being from one of the best selling K-Pop groups to become a cringey YouTuber." She hit back as saying, "Well, you don't need to imagine. You're living it. Are you cringing? Cringe."

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