Follow Fergie's Journey to Find Salvation in Powerful 'A Little Work' Video

The cinematic video features poignant imagery as it chronicles the mother-of-one's struggle to fight her inner demons and 'walk into the light.'

AceShowbiz - Following the release of "Double Dutchess" on September 22, %cStacy Ferguson% a.k.a. Fergie has continued to release a series of music videos for the tracks off the effort. Most recently, she premiered a visuals for "A Little Work". Through the clip, which looks more like a short film, Fergie seemingly hints at her struggle to fight mental illness and drug addiction before joining %cBlack Eyed Peas%.

Speaking soothingly in a voiceover, the songstress opens up about the "difficult periods" of her life. "I got to a point where I was seeing devils everywhere. Devil faces," she shares while a scene of her stumbling down the street and breaking into a church appears. "Creatures that would appear to me would say, 'Fly, fly, fly.' I would constantly be in this state of listening to the messages that all of these creatures...what they were going to tell me. What their messages were and what I should do and life became almost like this whole game."

Colorful scenes then pop up, as Fergie plays various different roles throughout the clip. She transforms into several personas, including a mental hospital patient, a dutiful housewife, a bride and a mourning widow among others. By the end of the video, the singer walks out of the church with her real-life son Axl, whom she shares with %cJosh Duhamel%.

The moving scene is accompanied by Fergie's calm voice, detailing how she finally manages to find salvation. "That walk out there--all of that demon that was there, it all of a sudden just lifted," she says. "It was almost like walking into the light. I realized that I finally needed to honor myself and that is really still a challenging place that I ofter have to work on to this day."

Additionally, her struggle is reflected on the song's lyrics. "Got a lot of answers I'm looking for in these meds/ 'Bout time I talk to somebody, shrink my head," Fergie sings. "A lot of promises, broken things that were said/ And I can't get out of this bed/Got bruises on my heart, plenty scars on my mind/ Got blisters under the band-aid over my life/ Gonna rip it open and show the world what's there/ Lord knows I'm not perfect."

This isn't the first time Fergie involves her son on her music. She previously tapped the little boy to sing some verses on "Enchante". Of Axl's involvement on the song, Fergie recently shared, "I brought it home the first time and I was listening to it and he started singing it and when you hear your son singing French, I was like 'Oh my gosh.' It's a little moment for me. I couldn't help it."

"I just put the phone on the side on silent and he had no idea he was being recorded," she continued. "And then he would come to studio and I was like, 'Let's sing the pillow song!' because I made it into a game. Then I brought it home and I played it and he goes, 'Oh, it's me!' It was the cutest moment ever. He's got his first feature."

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