Listen to Miley Cyrus' Sassy Breakup Jam 'Week Without You'

The song finds the songstress singing about a complicated relationship and wondering about what she'd do without her lover.

AceShowbiz - A week before the release of "Younger Now", Miley Cyrus unleashed a new song off the upcoming effort. Titled "Week Without You", the track is the ultimate breakup anthem for sassy girls. Similar to the singer's previous releases off her new album, "Week Without You" has country vibes and familiar guitar melodies.

Miley channels her cheeky side as she wonders what she'd do when losing her lover. "If I spent a week without you/ Bet you'd wonder what I do," she rhymes. "I think that I'd start going out/ Get caught kissing other dudes/ It seems you just wanna bring me down, down/ With your bad attitude/ When you know I'm not one to keep dealing with the s**t/ That you put me through."

"Week Without You" serves as the fourth track off "Younger Now". Soon after the song release, fans speculate that the song was inspired by Miley's brief split from Liam Hemsworth back in 2013. The former Disney darling previously sparked rumors saying that her song "She's Not Him" was about her failed romance with Stella Maxwell in 2015, a year before Miley reconciled with Liam.

"Younger Now" is set to arrive on September 29. Miley recently shared that she didn't try to show a new image on the album. "This writing process has been a really different experience because I've never put out an album this way," she said. "People have been asking me, 'Is this really like a re-introduction of yourself?' But it's not that at all. Actually, it's more like, I am this person who embraces all my past selves. This album is the most me for right now that I can be."

Prior to this, the "Malibu" songstress revealed that she felt sexualized during her twerking days. "It became something that was expected of me. I didn't want to show up to photo shoots and be the girl who would get my t*ts out and stick my tongue out," she explained. "In the beginning, it was kind of like saying, 'F**k you, girls should be able to have this freedom,' or whatever. But it got to a point where I did feel sexualized."

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