'The Flash': Barry Allen Is Reborn in New Season 4 Promo

The new promo also teases that the Scarlet Speadster will be having a new suit for the upcoming season 4 of The CW's series.

AceShowbiz - "The Flash" releases a brand new promo for the upcoming season 4. Titled "Hero Reborn", the video offers a glimpse of a scene featuring the Scarlet Speadster coming back to Central City after being trapped in the Speed Force for six months.

The video opens with feet-baring Barry Allen popping up out of nowhere on a country road before he stops a truck. He is later seen sporting beard as well as looking exhausted in front of his friends, including his fiancee Iris West. "You're home," Iris says to Barry while smiling, not being able to hide her overwhelming happiness.

But his return will surely attract enemies to come to Central City. Baron Katana, the first villain in the upcoming new season, is glimpsed as he makes sure everyone knows that he is after The Flash. Team Flash seemingly is well-prepared as Cisco mentions a new suit he made for Barry. At the end of the video, Speed Force lightning is seen flickering in the new Barry's eyes.

Grant Gustin, who portrays Barry on The CW's series, previously teased that fans would meet a different Barry once he escaped the Speed Force. "The way I see it is, time is non-linear and everything is happening at once in the Speed Force," Gustin said. "In some ways he's had an awakening and he's had a rebirth."

He added, "Our first episode is called 'Reborn', and it is a rebirth for Barry, but he's kind of scrambled, too, because he's experienced so much so quick over the course of six months, even though for him it was an eternity. He's not Barry when we see him for the first time."

Barry apparently is not the only character who undergoes a change. Iris depicter Candice Patton shared that her character would be different in the new season as she would take over the leading role in Team Flash during Barry's absence.

In addition, the two will have a lot to discuss about their romance. "He left and didn't really ask her or discuss it with her. He just kind of does things and comes back and says, 'I hope you're okay with that,' " Candice explained. "They're going to have to really work on their relationship before they actually tie the knot-if and when he comes out. There's going to be some work that needs to be done before they actually put rings on each other's fingers."

"The Flash" returns for season 4 on Tuesday, October 10 at 8 P.M. on The CW.

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