Joanna Krupa Paints Her Bare Body and Poses Outside the Houses of Parliament in Aid of Circus Ban

The Polish-American model stripped down to just nipple covers, knickers and high heels as she painted her whole body with tiger bodypaint to call for wild-animal circus ban.

AceShowbiz - %cJoanna Krupa% is a passionate advocate for the rights of animals, and she is willing to do anything to voice her opinion. "The Real Housewives of Miami" alum stripped down to nearly nothing but high heels and tiger bodypaint outside the Houses of Parliament in London on Monday, September 11 for a good cause.

The 38-year-old model oozed body confidence as she showed off her toned and slender figure in just nipple covers, knickers and the animal bodypaint to cover her modesty. Joanna held up a sign which revealed that she was working with PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) to call for wild-animal circus ban.

Former prime minister David Cameron had included the issue in his 2015 manifesto, but no government legislation was ever introduced. With her striking bodypaint, Joanna urged the government to ban circuses from using wild animals as a part of their performance.

Speaking outside the parliament, the model told Press Association, "I am here to spread the awareness and try to get wild animals banned from the circus. I love the circus when it comes to the human talent, they're amazing, but it's about time the whole world bans wild animals from the circus because they get beaten, shocked."

"It's not natural for an animal to do all these tricks, but they do them in the circus because they know they are going to be treated horribly, they're going to be shocked, they're going to be chained, you know and they're traumatized," she continued. "It's about time that we are the voice for the animals."

Of her unusual way to protest against the circuses, Joanna explained, "I know this is a shocking way to show my support for animals, but the sad part is unless you do something shocking, people don't listen. Hopefully this will work and all of the wild animals will be free and happy and no longer living in tiny cages, the elephants are chained, beaten...tigers,'s not fair. You know, keep the human act, it's amazing, you go to Las Vegas Cirque de Soleil, beautiful, talented people, bravo to that, but please just leave the animals alone."

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