Joanna Krupa Already Back in Her 'Pre-Pregnancy Bikini' 4 Months After Giving Birth
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The American-Polish model, who just gives birth to her daughter in last November, brags about being close to getting her pre-pregnancy body back after '5 weeks of some major struggles' and 'intense workouts.'

AceShowbiz - Joanna Krupa does not need a long time to get her pre-pregnancy body back. Only four months after giving birth to baby daughter Asha-Leigh Nunes, "The Real Housewives of Miami" alum bragged that she could already wear the bikini she wore before being pregnant with her first child.

Through her Instagram account, the American-Polish model shared a TikTok video of her in two-piece swimsuit. "I will admit It's been 5 weeks of some major struggles to get rid of my pregnancy pooch and now thanks to 5 weeks of intense workouts @orangetheory @tracyandersonmethod and lympathic drainage massages by @avilabraziliancontour it's looking possible and I'm back in my Pre pregnancy bikini," she noted.

On how she managed to get fit in such a short time post-giving birth, the season 9 participant of "Dancing with the Stars" explained, "I will be honest and say exercise and eating right is a major key but I can't believe the huge difference I am seeing from just 2 Brazillian lympathic massage sessions this week. It's been a true blessing!"

Stressing that she is "finally feeling like there is light at the end of the tunnel", Krupa added, "This is not an AD but a post to help motivate other mothers out there that are struggling that sometimes we just need extra help to get our bodies to a healthy state and feeling good about ourselves after carrying a baby for 9 months."

The 40-year-old informed her followers that she will only need to shed eight more pounds. With a promise that she will post a "shocking" before-and-after photos, she concluded the post by writing, "thank you @julialescova for sharing your massage experience on social media and that how I found @avilabraziliancontour massage by Susan Avila."

Krupa's share, however, was viewed negatively by one Internet user. "I thought women are supposed to be 'I love my body' ... yet, every time I see a women and they talk about 'almost there', it ALWAYS looks like this," the critic wrote. "So...I guess there really is a beauty standard. Why do liberals try to pretend there isn't? Sexiness and equality don't go together no matter how many fat people you put on a magazine cover."


One person criticized Krupa for sharing her 'bikini' body.


Krupa responded to the critics.

To the particular attacker, the host of "Poland's Next Top Model" responded, "every Woman I'm sure has a different beauty standard . This is mine . If u don't like it I can really careless."


Another user commented oh her post.


Krupa sent her encouragement.

Another complained, "See, stuff like THIS is the NUMBER ONE reason women ALL OVER the world are SELF-CONSCIOUS of their bodies. Thanks for the reminder that even almost 3 years post-pregnancy, I'll never look like this. Women deserve more than this." This time, Krupa encouraged her, " i m sure u look beautiful." She added in separate comment, " congrats on being a mama."

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