Norman Osborn/Green Goblin to 'Appear' in 'Silver and Black'

Norman Osborn/Green Goblin to 'Appear' in 'Silver and Black'

The Halloween-themed supervillain reportedly will have a presence in Sony Pictures' upcoming Spider-Man spin-off.
Norman Osborn a.k.a. Green Goblin will "appear" in Sony Pictures' upcoming Spider-Man spin-off "Silver and Black". According a new scoop from That Hashtag Show, the Halloween-themed supervillain will have a presence in the upcoming untitled Silver Sable and The Black Cat project, although he's not expected to appear in the actual flesh.

The outlet reckons only Osborn's voice will be heard, setting up the character for future films and allowing the studio to cast someone in the role later. Osborn Chemical Senior Vice-President Charles Standish will instead appear onscreen in the film as the representative of the amoral industrialist head of Oscorp.

Standish's role in "Silver and Black" allegedly will be comparable to that of Rajin Ratha (Irrfan Khan), who served as the "stand-in" for Norman Osborn in Marc Webb's 2012 remake of the "Spider-Man" film franchise, "The Amazing Spider-Man". Osborn was played by Willem Dafoe in the first three "Spider-Man" films.

"Silver and Black" will be directed and is being re-written by Gina Prince-Bythewood after previous drafts from Chris Yost and Lisa Joy. It will supposedly follow Silver Sable, a bounty hunter working for the government as she tries to capture The Black Cat, a high-end burglar. It's also said that the female-driven film will feature Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman, Charlotte Witter/Stunner, Sarah Ehret/Jackpot and Cassie St. Commons/Dusk as well.

Just like "Venom (2018)" which will be led by Tom Hardy, the Silver Sable and Black Cat movie won't be related to the recently-released film "Spider-Man: Homecoming" that stars Tom Holland, meaning that any characters introduced in the spin-off will unlikely be seen in all of the Spidey solo films.

Earlier this month, Sony announced a February 8, 2019 release date for "Silver and Black", pitting it against the Lego movie sequel. It comes along with the announcement of a release date for its upcoming sequel to "Sicario". Titled "Soldado", the sequel is scheduled for a June 29, 2018 release. It will be directed by Stefano Solima and see the return of Benicio Del Toro and Josh Brolin.

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