Chrissy Teigen Is Criticized for Trying Ballet. Here's Her Perfect Response

Chrissy Teigen Is Criticized for Trying Ballet. Here's Her Perfect Response

The 31-year-old model hits back at commenters after being criticized for posing like a ballerina in pointe shoes in a video she shared on Instagram.
Chrissy Teigen clapped back at critics who slammed her for trying ballet. The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue model took to her Instagram account on Saturday, August 19 to share a video of her putting on pointe shoes and spinning around like a ballerina with the help of her husband John Legend. But she dropped down to the soles of her feet and yelled, "F**k!"

"I have been in love with watching ballet since I was young," Chrissy wrote in the caption. The mother of one revealed that she "was given shoes from a performance John planned for me a few years ago. Tonight, I tried them on." She admitted, "IT IS HARD," before adding, "Shout out to the ballerinas I love, and have loved, so so much."

Chrissy also shared the video that had her wearing a mustard yellow satin dress on Twitter. She jokingly said, "I'm ....real good." She added in another tweet, "My feet. Are. So weak. God I love real ballerinas."

After Chrissy posted the video, fans deemed it "unsafe" and commented that she needed to be careful with her ankles as they could have snapped. Some of them warned the model she could break something by trying to balance her toes in the shoes without proper training.

"Honey be careful! You need ribbons on those for ankle support. I was a classically trained ballerina for 10 years," one fan wrote. Another added, "teaching dance I would have to stop ppl from trying this bc their ankles would snap when they haven't trained lol. Nobody watching this go out and buy a pair to try n copy!"

Chrissy later responded to the criticism, saying, "I get it. I could have broken an ankle. You can stop telling me." The 31-year-old model went on telling the critics, "If only you knew the other 1000 bone-breaking things I attempt daily."

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