Elisabeth Moss Defends Scientology After Fan Compares It to Gilead on 'Handmaid's Tale'

Elisabeth Moss Defends Scientology After Fan Compares It to Gilead on 'Handmaid's Tale'

The Scientologist responds to a fan who said the church resembled the totalitarian society on her Hulu show.
Elisabeth Moss made rare comments on Scientology. The 35-year-old actress defended the church on Instagram after one of her online followers compared it to Gilead, the totalitarian society on her Hulu show "The Handmaid's Tale".

In a comment section of her picture taken from an event celebrating the show's Emmy nominations, the fan wrote, "Love this adaptation so much. Question though, does it make you think twice about Scientology? Both Gilead and Scientology both believe that all outside sources (aka news) are wrong or evil... it's just very interesting."

The actress responded, "That's actually not true at all about Scientology. Religious freedom and tolerance and understanding the truth and equal rights for every race, religion and creed are extremely important to me. The most important things to me probably. And so Gilead and THT hit me on a very personal level. Thanks for the interesting question!"

Meanwhile, she thanked fans in her caption, "Thank you for coming out everyone last night, your love and support of the show means more to us than I'll ever be able to express in words. Truly. And now we get to go work on bringing you season 2!!! Which by the way is going to blow your minds...#handmaidstale."

According to former Scientologist Leah Remini, Elisabeth Moss no longer kept in contact with her after she left the church. "Elisabeth Moss believes that she can't talk to me," Leah told THR. "There's a thing in Scientology called 'acceptable truth.' It means you only say what's acceptable to the public. But she believes that Iā€™m an antisocial personality - because I've spoken out against Scientology. So she isn't allowed to talk to me. And me knowing that, I wouldn't put her in the awkward position."

In a Reddit AMA, Leah slammed another Scientologist Tom Cruise. She didn't think the "Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation" actor was a good person. "There is a public persona of the guy who looks at you directly in the eye and shakes your hand and hugs you and is an attentive person to you and there's the person behind the mask who is a completely different person," she claimed.

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