Kim Kardashian and Ray J's Wild PDA Videos Leak

Kim Kardashian and Ray J's Wild PDA Videos Leak

The 36-year-old reality TV star and her then-boyfriend can be seen sucking face and groping each other while dancing in front of a restaurant crowd.
In late 2003, Kim Kardashian and then-boyfriend Ray J filmed their infamous sex tape in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. And now, never-before-seen videos of their wild PDA during their trip leaked online. In one video obtained by Radar Online, they were seen sucking face and openly groping each other.

Kim and Ray openly bragged about their upcoming exploits in front of the camera. During one dinner, Ray said, "The dessert was off the chain and the real dessert is about to really be off the chain." Kim giggled while saying to the camera, "We'll get to that later, so stay tuned," before adding, "Girls gone wild!"

In another video, Kim openly grabbed Ray's crotch as they danced in front of a restaurant crowd, prompting an employee to joke about her going for his "jewels." Later in the evening, their makeout session on the dance floor got hot and heavy, with a bystander approaching Ray and telling him, "I don't know you but you're the man! You're the luckiest man around."

The wild PDA video surfaced after Kim was caught smoking pot in another never-before-seen video obtained by Radar Online. The footage began with Kim giggling as Ray J presented her with a pipe, in the shape of male genitalia. She bragged about buying several from local vendors for souvenirs, before saying, "Nice pipe, huh?" placing the item at his crotch.

She leaned down to put her lips around it as he held it on his crotch. She giggled as he asked her to "smoke it." Kim didn't hesitate to inhale the pipe though it was not filled or lit. "Wanna hit this, Kimberly?" Ray asked, holding out a lit, suspicious-looking cigarette to her.

"Actually I do!" she replied, leaning over to seductively suck a cloud of smoke out of his mouth. "No more for you," Ray warned. "You're gonna be trippin' now!" Kim whined, "But I want one more!" before Ray eventually gave in. He then offered her one more smoky kiss, before Kim's happily skipping out of the frame.

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