Selena Gomez's Song 'Stained' Leaks Online

'Now I'm stained by you/ Like a coffee ring upon this table,' the 24-year-old singer sings in the song which has leaked online following the release of her new single 'Fetish'.

AceShowbiz - Selena Gomez's song, allegedly titled "Stained", has leaked online following the release of her Gucci Mane-assisted song, "Fetish". Fans believe that this song will be featured in Selena's upcoming album.

In the leaked audio, Selena sings about how unstable she is because her lover has stained her. "Now I'm stained by you/ Like a coffee ring upon this table/ I'm unstable, I'm stained by you/ Like a goddamn soldier that just can't forget the battle/ I am stained by you," she croons.

Fans have taken to Twitter to marvel about the leaked song. "O MY GOD SOMEBODY LEAKED STAINED BY SELENA GOMEZ OMG ITS SO GOOD. ITS SOUNDS SO DIFFERENT FROM REVIVAL. SHE DID NOT COME TO PLAY LADIES," @cabellozaddy tweeted. @jayferzaynse wrote, "I'm not one to ever cry after hearing a song, but Stained by Selena Gomez was able to do that... every word brought me back to the past."

Other fans speculate that "Stained" is inspired by The Weeknd. " 'Stained by you' @selenagomez @theweeknd," @rickybluebird simply tweeted. "SELENA DID THAT. FETISH AND STAINED ARE SO EFFIN GOOD OMG THAT R&B SOUND HAD ME SHOOK NOT GENERIC WHITE DUMB POP. THE WEEKND'S IMPACT!" @dirrtyslave gushed.

Prior to this, an alleged duet of Selena and ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber titled "Steal Our Love" was leaked online. The song that told the story of a couple trying to save their relationship was believed to be recorded before their breakup in 2014. A source previously revealed that the "Boyfriend" hitmaker sang the chorus and the ending of the song.

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