Leonardo DiCaprio Loves to Brag About His Dad Bod, Girls Aren't Impressed

The Oscar-winning actor was said to be boasting about his body to some girls, who didn't find it attractive, at a party in Malibu last week.

AceShowbiz - Leonardo DiCaprio has a dad bod although he doesn't have kids, and he loves it. The 46-year-old actor is reportedly proud of his body, and loves to brag about it to pretty girls. While he may think that it will attract them, he will be very disappointed to know that some girls, in fact, aren't impressed at all.

During a pre-Fourth of July party in Malibu, the "Shutter Island" actor was overheard boasting about his lack of exercise to some models. "It was a party at this private estate," a source told New York Post. "He was drinking his beer and bragging to these models about how he doesn't work out."

The stunners were reportedly left scratching their heads. Instead of being attracted, they were grossed out by Leo's dad body. "The girls were like, 'Does he think that's attractive? It's not like he's in 'Titanic' shape anymore,' " the source added.

Despite his dad bod, Leo didn't seem to have any problem attracting girls. He has been surrounded by beautiful girls since forever. He has been romantically linked to Gisele Bundchen, Blake Lively, Kelly Rohrbach, Nina Agdal and more. Following his split from Nina a few months ago, Leo has been enjoying his single life. Back in May, he was spotted flirting with a mystery woman at a club and having a stroll with a number of leggy models in Monaco.

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