Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore's Friendship Ruined by Benji Madden

The friendship between the 'Charlie's Angels' co-stars is reportedly destroyed and it's all because of Cameron's husband.

AceShowbiz - %cCameron Diaz% and %cDrew Barrymore% are no longer friends, according to a source. Cameron's husband %cBenji Madden% is reportedly the one who ruins the friendship between the two "Charlie's Angels" co-stars.

"Drew is no fan of Benji, and it's a big reason for her and Cameron's once-close friendship fading," the source tells Radar Online, "The truth is Drew can't stand him. As far as Drew's concerned, Cameron's changed and not for the better."

There's another reason why Drew hates Benji. The source reveals, "Benji reminds her of all the bad boys she used to hang out with and get into major trouble when she was a teen. She worries he's bad for Cameron. She's definitely lost her bubbly spark since marrying him."

According to a friend, Cameron and Drew "don't have much in common any more." The friend adds, "It's a shock when you consider they were the bestest of best friends not so long ago."

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