Inside Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Intimate Weekend in Toronto

The 32-year-old prince was said to have secretly flown to Toronto where he spent a romantic weekend with the 'Suits' actress before he went to Africa.

AceShowbiz - Prince Harry and %cMeghan Markle% seem to be very in love with each other. Harry reportedly flew to Toronto, Canada on June 17 to visit Meghan. The couple then spent the weekend relaxing at home and going on romantic dates.

"They hadn't been together for a while, so it was exciting for both to see each other," an insider told E! News. "Harry had planned to fly out this time as he felt it was unfair for Meghan to always be the one flying around, and she'd just come back from the U.S."

According to the insider, the pair stayed at Meghan's house where they spent time "cooking meals together and eating outside in the garden a lot. It's Meghan's favorite 'room' in the house. She calls it a room because it's the perfect patio space." They also went to "a couple of favorite spots where people don't immediately run to the press to say they're there."

A week after Harry's secret visit, Meghan was spotted at the airport as she was going to fly to London on Sunday night, June 25. "She looked happy and pleased to be greeted by airport personnel," a source told the website. "She carried her one bag and was accompanied by private security from the car to the gate." The "Suits" actress arrived in London the next day and is believed to be currently staying at Kensington Palace.

Meghan's trip to London might be a sign that she would move to the U.K. Another source said that Harry would love to see her girlfriend moving to London. "They speak about the future a lot, whether it's getting each other's take on future career plans or where they'll be as a couple," the source shared. "They talk about living in London - Meghan really sees herself moving, and he really wants that."

It was previously reported that Harry planned to propose to Meghan soon with an engagement ring made from Princess Diana's old bracelet.

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