'Beauty and the Beast' Deleted Scene Reveals Le Fou's Epic Encounter With an Enchanted Toilette

In the deleted scene, Josh Gad's Le Fou tries to avoid the chaos in Beast's castle, only to be freaked out by a strange and horrifying thing he sees in the bathroom he hides in.

AceShowbiz - Another featurette from the upcoming Blu-ray for %cEmma Watson%-starring "Beauty and the Beast (2017)" has arrived online, offering a look at a hilarious deleted scene from the movie. The featurette, which makes its way out via Entertainment Weekly, sees a magical creature from Beast's (%cDan Stevens%) castle we've never seen before, that is Monsieur Toilette.

The scene takes place during the chaotic event in Beast's castle, where a bunch of villagers attack a bunch of magical furniture. %cJosh Gad%'s Le Fou is seen in the scene, trying to avoid the chaos by entering a closed bathroom. "I shouldn't be here, I shouldn't be here," he mumbles.

Suddenly, a toilette makes a gurgling sound behind him. And it's not an ordinary toilette-in fact, it is one of the poor inhabitants of the castle which has been enchanted to be one. Le Fou understandably freaks out to see the grotesque Monsieur Toilette and hysterically exits the bathroom.

In the featurette, director Bill Condon explains the reason why several of his favorite scenes in the film have to be cut. "They actually contain some of my favorite moments, but whether it's a question of running time, or you know, tonal shifts, they didn't automately fit into the film. But I'm very happy you get to see them now," says Condon. As for Monsieur Toilette, the poor creature was voiced by %cStephen Merchant%, who played Caliban in "Logan".

"Beauty and the Beast" is currently screening at U.S. theaters. The DVD, Blu-ray and Digital HD will be released on June 6.

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