Niall Horan Promises One Direction Reunion, With Zayn Malik

The 23-year-old British singer claims that he would love to have a reunion with his bandmates in 'the next few years.'

AceShowbiz - Rest assured, Directioners. While the four members of One Direction are now enjoying their solo careers, Niall Horan has confirmed that reunion is very possible in the near future. Although he doesn't know when it would be, he shares that he'd prefer it to be in "the next few years."

"When it will be, I don't know. I prefer not to do it after I'm 40. I'd prefer the next few years," he tells Billboard. "I told my managers from the start: When One Direction comes knocking, f**k what I'm doing. I don't give a s**t if I sold out arenas or won Grammys. I wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't for that."

Niall is certain that his former bandmate Zayn Malik would love to join the reunion as well. "Oh, pfft. I know what Zayn's like-- outspoken, and fair play to him," the "Slow Hands" hitmaker says.

One Direction went on hiatus in 2016, shortly after Zayn left the group to pursue solo career. Although they "haven't had a conversation about how long we think the break will be," Niall has been in touch with each member.

"I see Louis and [his son] little Freddie all the time. He lives around the corner from me," he says of Louis Tomlinson. "He picked up gifts for Liam Payne's month-old boy that he hasn't been able to present yet, because their schedules haven't aligned." He also expresses his admiration to Harry Styles' music. "I really enjoyed them," he gushes. "He's smashin' it."

Additionally, Niall shares that he still isn't used to live without his bandmates. "Every now and then you're like, 'F**kin' hell, where is everyone?' " he explains. "You're sitting in an airport lounge, they call you for a plane, and you don't stand up initially because you're waiting on everyone else, you know? 'Oh, Louis'll be back from the toilet in a minute.' "

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