Avril Lavigne Is 'Mildly Amused' by Resurfaced Death Hoax

The 32-year-old Canadian songstress is said feeling 'mildly amused' by the resurfaced conspiracy theory that falsely claims she died 14 years ago.

AceShowbiz - A conspiracy theory that falsely claims Avril Lavigne died 14 years ago resurfaced over the weekend. And according to Gossip Cop, the 32-year-old Canadian songstress is "mildly amused" by the reemergence of the death hoax that suggested she died in 2003 at the height of her career, and was replaced by a look-alike called Melissa Vandella.

The death hoax resurfaced over the weekend after a fan reignited the rumors in a Twitter thread, causing Avril's name to become a trending topic. Some confused fans commented on the social media, with one user who was fooled by the theory writing, "I want to sleep but is Avril Lavigne really Avril Lavigne."

"I'm not saying Avril Lavigne was replaced by Melissa Vandella but I am saying that I've never seen them in the same room," tweeted another fan. There's also a fan who expressed, "I can't sleep and I'm scared to walk outside my room because of the Avril Lavigne theory." One other said, "Just got up to date on the Avril Lavigne conspiracy theory...it almost had me believing it."

But of course Avril is very much alive. A source close to Avril tells Gossip Cop that the singer finds the death hoax "bizarre." The "Sk8ter Boi" hitmaker has been battling Lyme Disease since 2015, though. She also went through a painful divorce from Chad Kroeger.

Avril announced her separation from the Nickelback frontman via Instagram in late 2015, more than two years after they tied the knot at the Chateau de La Napoule in the South of France following their one-year relationship.

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