Billie Lourd and Todd Fisher Reportedly Feuding Over Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher's Fortune

Todd reportedly believes 'Carrie's share should go to him as Debbie's only surviving direct descendant,' while the actress thinks her late mother's $5 million estate should pass straight to her.

AceShowbiz - %cBillie Lourd% and %cTodd Fisher% are reportedly in a "family feud" following the shocking deaths of %cDebbie Reynolds% and %cCarrie Fisher% back in December. Billie and Todd are allegedly feuding over Debbie's money and Carrie's estate.

Radar Online is the first to report that the "bitter family feud" erupted because Debbie's will did not account for Carrie's death before her. "She never thought for a minute that Carrie would die before her and didn't plan for it," a so-called source tells the news outlet. "Then Debbie herself passed away so suddenly before changing her will."

Though Debbie had lost millions of dollars to her "scheming" husbands and bad business decisions, she still managed to gather a whopping amount of money before she died. "She left the bulk of her $70 million estate to her children with Eddie Fisher, Carrie and Todd, and her granddaughter, Billie Lourd," the source continues.

With Carrie's death, Billie allegedly "believes her mother's share should pass straight to her." The 24-year-old actress will reportedly inherit her late mother's $5 million estate. Todd, however, doesn't think so as he thinks "Carrie's share should go to him as Debbie's only surviving direct descendant." The source further contends that friends "are bracing for a family war."

The publication continues to point out that Billie didn't attend the public memorial Todd organized last month because of their feud. The "Scream Queens" star opted to spend time with her actor boyfriend, %cTaylor Lautner%, and her dad, Bryan Lourd.

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