Watch Kendrick Lamar and Don Chaedle's Epic Rap Battle in 'DNA' Music Video

Watch Kendrick Lamar and Don Chaedle's Epic Rap Battle in 'DNA' Music Video

The Nabil and Little Homies-directed clip features the 51-year-old actor lip-syncing Lamar and being engaged in a back-and-forth rap fest with the Compton rapper.
Kendrick Lamar apparently had a quite busy weekend. Following the release of his latest effort "DAMN" on Friday, April 14 and his Coachella headlining set on Sunday, April 16, he has now released a music video for a track titled "DNA" off "DAMN". The nearly-five-minute clip features actor Don Cheadle rapping like Lamar.

The video begins with Cheadle coming into an interrogation room in which Lamar is handcuffed to a table. The actor walks slowly to Lamar, saying, "Kendrick Lamar. Two first names, huh? The f**k is up with that?" He then adds, "You know what DNA stands for? Dead N***a Association."

Lamar stays quiet until Cheadle tries to switch the lie detector machine on. Like a possessed man, the actor suddenly channels Lamar and barks the bars of "DNA", and he is soon involved in a rap battle with the real Lamar. The two spit verses back-and-forth before Chaedle un-cuffs Lamar from the table. Lamar then pats the "Iron Man 2" actor on the shoulder, saying, "Another dead n***a association." Cheadle then passes out, and Lamar walks away.

Once he breaks free, the 29-year-old spitter rocks a Kung Fu outfit and meets his homies outside, including rapper ScHoolBoy Q. "Tell me somethin'/ You motherf**kas can't tell me nothin'/ I'd rather die than to listen to you/ My DNA not for information/ Your DNA an abomination," Lamar raps about his superior DNA. "This how it is when you're in the Matrix/ Dodgin' bullets, reapin' what you sow/ And stackin' up the footage, livin' on the go/ And sleepin' in a villa."

"DNA" is the second track off "DAMN" which gets a music video following the clip for lead single "Humble" which was released last March.

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