Katy Perry Lands in Hot Water for Posting Picture of Hindu Goddess Kaali to Express Her Mood

Some people are offended by the 'Chained to the Rhythm' singer's action to use a picture of Hindu goddess Kaali to describe how she's feeling at the moment.

AceShowbiz - Katy Perry is accused of mocking Indian godess Kaali. The 32-year-old singer/songwriter just posted a picture of the Hindu goddess on her Instagram page to express her "current mood." The godess sports a playful expression in the image, dancing on Hindu god Shiva who lies beneath her.

While Katy's post doesn't mention anything that includes mockery, people think that her post is inappropriate. "Katy we love u But She is the goddess of India ...," her follower politely reminds her. Another asks her, "just delete this post cause she is our goddess and it's so offensive for our goddess and also for Indian people...."

current mood

Sebuah kiriman dibagikan oleh KATY PERRY (@katyperry) pada

Someone else explains why people are mad at her post, "well I mean she is posting a picture of an Hindi goddess in a kinda disrespectful manner. It's not too offensive but she should probably delete it due to cultural appropriation."

One angry follower adds, "Wtf...this post should be removed ! She is our pride n u can't use her pic in this way ! U have 1000 f ways to impress ur feeling why did u choose this ! Plzz remove this ! We can't tolerate this type f s**t !"

Some others, however, defend her, saying that Katy doesn't mean to disrespect Kaali. "Just noticed you people. I'm an Indian. I'm not offended by anything," chandnii_sharmaa responds to other comments. "If she is saying that her current mood is like Maa Kaali. So what's wrong? She didn't make any bad comment. The meaning is sooooo deep..deeper than y'all think. She is feeling empowered and top of the world. She is feeling the same that every girl should feel like."

Another echoes the sentiment, "being a Hindu I can't find any means by which Katy Disrespected her." Someone else adds, "how can our religion is hurt just by a pic of maa Kaali or saying it with current mood."

It's been an hour since the picture was posted and gained a bunch of negative comments, but Katy has not removed it or maybe she's not aware of the uproar caused by it.

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