TLC Is Back With New Song 'Way Back' Ft. Snoop Dogg

The new slow-beat track will be featured on the group's upcoming and final album which has been delayed several times before.

AceShowbiz - %cTLC% is back! The hip-hop group released their first single off the upcoming project which would be their first album in nearly 15 years since 2002's "CrazySexyCool". The single titled "Way Back" has a cute, retro-bop music and typical slow '90s beat. Teaming up with veteran rapper %cSnoop Dogg% on the track, Tionne "%cT-Boz%" Watkins and Rozonda "%cChilli%" Thomas recall their glorious and gleeful days back in the past.

The sweet lyrics add the feel and '90s vibe in the track. "Like %cPrince% and %cMarvin Gaye%/ Like soft side on Sunday/ Some things don't ever change/ Yeah you and me/ Cause we go way back/ %cJames Brown% and Michael J/ Like old high school parties/ Some things don't ever change/ Yeah you and me/ Cause we go way back," T-Boz and Chilli sing dreamily on "Way Back".

"Way Back" is the first taste of TLC's final, fan-funded forthcoming album. The group set a goal of $150,000 in 2015, but they got much more with $430,255. T-Boz and Chilli previously said that the upcoming records "will stay true to the TLC sound, always confronting the real issues and life experiences that we all must face every single day, everywhere. We write music that people relate to... timeless music. No matter the trends, we feel like our music is always relevant."

The album has been delayed several times, but the group's manager, Bill Diggins, recently announced that the release date would be on June 30. "Tionne and Chilli have been working night and day to hit this date," Bill wrote on Kickstarter.

Bill previously opened up about the reason why it took so long for the girl group to release the album. "It took a lot more time to coordinate schedules with writers," he said, before adding, "I could go on in more detail to explain how TLC's touring, schedule, writing schedule and producing schedule was delayed but the simple fact is that T-Boz and Chilli were inspired to make a record that they could be proud of and they would not settle for less and sometimes you just cannot rush art."

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