'This Is Us' Star on That Heartbreaking Cliffhanger in Season Finale: 'The Damage Had Been Done'

Mandy Moore doesn't know 'what to say to comfort people' after the season finale that ends in a bittersweet note, while Milo Ventimiglia thinks 'there is light in a dark room.'

AceShowbiz - "This Is Us" season 1 has just come to an end with a heartbreaking finale, but it had nothing to do with Jack's (Milo Ventimiglia) death. TV beloved couple Jack and Rebecca (Mandy Moore) had their most epic fight in the season finale.

In "Moonshadow" which aired on Tuesday, March 14, [SPOILER ALERT!] an intoxicated Jack showed up to Rebecca's show, attempting to fix his cracked marriage. Meanwhile, Rebecca's done with the band after Ben (Sam Trammell) "crossed a line" by trying to kiss her.

Rebecca drove her drunk husband home. They had a conversation after he's more sober. He apologized for getting so drunk, but Rebecca thought his alcoholism was not the issue here. The argument got worse and Jack dropped the grenade when he told Rebecca, "You are a 40 year old woman singing covers in pubs! That is not a career, Rebecca. That is ridiculous." Rebecca then asked Jack to leave.

In other scenes set further back in the past, we saw how Jack and Rebecca met for the first time. They met at a bar where she sang "Moonshadow". He originally planned to rob the bar, but abandoned his plan as he got his eyes on the singer and they made their introductions after she finished the song.

Speaking of the intense fight, Mandy Moore tells The Hollywood Reporter, "It's a really bittersweet note to settle on for the end of the episode but it's real." She also talks about Jack's statement about Rebecca pursuing her singing career in her 40s. "It was surprising," she says, "That Jack wasn't secure enough to support her, that he really only viewed her through the lens of wife and mother because that was the deal they struck when they first met and ultimately he couldn't see past it? What broke my heart the most about this fight was this underlying sentiment of him not viewing her or valuing her desires as valid."

Milo Ventimiglia also thinks "it's a little ironic" that Jack doesn't support Rebecca considering the fact that they met when she was singing. He adds, "But at the same time Jack is a guy who leads with his heart. He doesn't always think things through."

He explains from Jack's perspective, "In his 50s he has come to understand a certain version of his life and his marriage and he's out busting his ass for his family and his wife is at home busting her ass for the family. It's not unnoticed that it is a large responsibility, Rebecca handling the home life. But when she does branch out that change is something that threatens the stability of what Jack has known for years. And it's not vocalized until Rebecca finally says to him that she feels like she has no life. She feels like she's a ghost. Those have got to be hard words to hear after being with someone for 20 years. What about the life that we've had?"

Of Jack's speech before he left, Ventimiglia says, "I don't think he was convincing her to stay, I think he was leaving on a positive note. Jack knew that he crossed a line in attacking Ben." Moore, meanwhile, explains why Rebecca let Jack walk out, "The damage had been done. ... He didn't fight for it, and she didn't fight for it in the end. These are two people who are like, 'We need to figure this out on our own and see if we can find our way back together again.' That's much truer to life. "

Moore, who says she needs "some words of comfort, too" after the heartbreaking cliffhanger, thinks that "it's the perfect note to end the season on." While she can't offer some words to comfort viewers, she notes that the fact Rebecca still wears the pendant from Jack "has to mean something."

Ventimiglia adds, "They're a couple just like anyone else. They're going to have their struggles and we're now seeing the absolute toughest moments that they're faced with. But if we learn anything from this show, it's that there is light in a dark room. So take that in and hopefully we see them come together ... With the ticking clock of Jack's death."

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