Drake Is Using J.Lo to Get Back at P. Diddy, According to Funkmaster Flex

The 48-year-old DJ throws some shade at Drizzy for allegedly dating J.Lo, who used to date Diddy.

AceShowbiz - Drake is only using Jennifer Lopez to get back at P. Diddy, according to Funkmaster Flex. The 48-year-old DJ claims Drizzy uploaded an intimate photo of him and J.Lo on the anniversary of the infamous nightclub shooting Diddy and J. Lo found themselves at the center of back in 1999.

Flex tweeted on Thursday, December 29, "JLo is nice.. but my mans hit 17yrs ago.. these new sensitive n***a think we sweat p***y like them.. nah." He added, "Doggy saved the pic for the anniversary and everything!!! Haaaa! Wow! Sensitive new n***a fail!"

The DJ brings up the 2014 physical altercation rumors between Diddy and Drizzy. "J.Lo? That's the get back for a punch in the face?," he claimed, "Took me all day to figure this out!"

Earlier in the day, Flex took to Instagram to repost the cuddly photo of Drizzy and J.Lo along with a kinder sentiment. "Fellas, let's take time out to recognize that this a major win right here!" he wrote, "So super clean! J.Lo is top 5 at any age! (We donít hate as you weirdos and super stans would like to think) I just call it as I see it!"

Neither Drake nor J.Lo has commented on the allegations yet.

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