Battle of the Grandmas! Kris Jenner and Tokyo Toni in 'Nasty' Feud Over Baby Dream

Rob Kardashian's mom is reportedly fighting with Blac Chyna's mother over their newborn granddaughter.

AceShowbiz - %cKris Jenner% and Tokyo Toni are at war over %cRob Kardashian% and %cBlac Chyna%'s newborn baby Dream Renee Kardashian, according to a source. Both Kris and Tokyo were on hand to witness the birth of their granddaughter.

The birth of Blac's baby was filmed for an episode of "Rob & Chyna". The family even took on the viral Mannequin Challenge right from the delivery room. But Kris told Tokyo "some really nasty things" during the filming.

"After Dream was born, Kris said some really nasty things to Blac Chyna's mom that really hurt her feelings," a family insider tells Radar Online, "But not only did Kris tell the crew to film Tokyo as little as possible, she also suggested that Tokyo Toni get her hair and make-up redone because it was not up to par with television standards!"

As tensions rose, Blac and Rob reportedly asked their mothers to leave. Soon after, Kris apologized. "Kris was just really stressed out and told Rob and Blac that she did not mean to hurt Tokyo's feelings," adds the insider, "Rob and Chyna just want both of their mothers to cool it for a minute."

According to the insider, "Kris and Tokyo are acting like Dream is their child, and Rob and Chyna told both of them to just give them space for a couple of days, which they have."

Kris allegedly made Tokyo "feel insecure" as they're totally different. The insider says, "Tokyo does not think she will ever be able to be in the same space for too long with Kris though and for good reason! Kris is all about her money and her riches and that is not how Tokyo lives. Kris just always seems to make her feel insecure, and that is probably not going to change."

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