Arnim Zola Almost Villainized 'Ant-Man'

Some unused concept art reveals that the Nazi biochemist was supposed to appear in the Paul Rudd-led superhero flick.

AceShowbiz - Marvel's "Ant-Man" almost featured another well-known comic book character as its villain. Some unused concept art has surfaced online, featuring Arnim Zola (%cToby Jones%) who was supposed to appear in the 2015 superhero flick to antagonize %cPaul Rudd%'s Scott Lang.

Created by artist Josh Nizzi, the artwork shows Zola in a more comic-accurate robotic body. It appears that the Nazi biochemist would be present during the S.H.I.E.L.D. meeting, featuring Hank Pym (%cMichael Douglas%), Howard Stark (%cJohn Slattery%), Peggy Carter (%cHayley Atwell%) and Mitchell Carson (%cMartin Donovan%), in the opening scene of the movie.

Zola was first introduced in 2011's "Captain America: The First Avenger". Despite his death, he made a surprise appearance in 2014's "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" as a digitized brain living in a computer system. It was revealed that he survived death by transferring his consciousness into a computer.

It's believed that his computer-self was destroyed when an airstrike meant for %cChris Evans%' Cap and %cScarlett Johansson%'s Black Widow blew up his super-computer built in Camp Lehigh. If the supervillain was to appear in "Ant-Man", he would have looked like his comic book counterpart, rocking a digitized face on a hulking robot body.

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