Mike Pence FlyGate During VP Debate Sparks 'Ant-Man' Jokes

People are losing it after a fly lands on the vice president's head and stays there for two minutes, with Marvel fans joking that Paul Rudd's superhero character crashes the debate.

AceShowbiz - Mike Pence has become the butt of jokes on Twitter after a fly landed on his head during Vice Presidential Debate with Kamala Harris on Wednesday, October 7. The fly sat atop the vice president's perfectly coiffed hair for two minutes and he didn't seem to notice it.

The unfortunate situation has become one of the most-talked about things on the blue-bird app, with #flygate and "Flies" becoming trending topics on Wednesday night. Some of social media users posted memes and jokes, while Marvel fans couldn't help bringing up "Ant-Man" in the discussion.

Comic book geeks likened the fly on Pence's head to Paul Rudd's superhero character, suggesting that Scott Lang crashed the debate. "Ant-Man stuck that superhero landing on Pence's head #VPDebate," one tweeted.

"Is that Spider-Man or Ant-Man on Pence's head? #VPDebate," another asked. A third user asked for confirmation from Chris Evans or Mark Ruffalo, tweeting, "Question ? Is Ant Man attacking Mike Pence's head? Can you confirm @ChrisEvans or @MarkRuffalo since I am unable to reach Paul Rudd."

"Maybe it's Ant-Man on a secret mission," a fourth person joked. Another suggested that Fly Man should be a character in the next Marvel movie, "Marvel, we have Fly Man! Available for the role on January 20, 2021." Another similarly wrote, "The true MVP of the #VPDebate @Marvel we have found our next superhero."

Some others, meanwhile, want Jeff Goldblum to play the fly on Pence's head on "Saturday Night Live". "LORNE MICHAELS... I IMPLORE YOU... PLEASE... GET JEFF GOLDBLUM TO PLAY THE FLY ON @NBCSNL THIS WEEKEND!!! #VPDebate," one pleaded.

"I hope SNL gets Jeff Goldblum to play the fly on Pence's head," another echoed the sentiment. "On SNL, Jeff Goldblum should play the fly," wrote another, while someone else thinks that Rudd should reprise his "Ant-Man" role "to play the fly challenge" on "SNL".

While neither Marvel stars nor "SNL" have reacted to the chatter, the FlyGate has attracted the attention of at least one celebrity, comedian Kathy Griffin, who tweeted, "Pence finding out about #FlyGate is going to be delicious. Mother is going to have to rock him like a goddamn baby all night."

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