Paul Rudd Feels Like 'Less of Imposter' as He Trains Like an Athlete for Marvel Movies
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The 'Ant-Man' actor works out really hard for Marvel Cinematic Universe in case studio bosses ask him to do a shirtless scene in the superhero blockbuster.

AceShowbiz - Paul Rudd exercises "like an athlete" to prepare for the "Ant-Man" movies. Known for starring as the titular superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe series and named Sexiest Man Alive by PEOPLE magazine in 2021, the 53-year-old actor explained that he has rarely appeared shirtless in the film series even though he works out hard for every shoot.

"No-one has ever asked me that question because I think everyone already knows the answer!" he laughed when asked if he is as "ripped" as fellow MCU star Chris Hemsworth. "I think he was shirtless briefly in the first one, maybe from the side in the second one."

"But I really, really work out hard for these movies. I train like an athlete for these movies. One, in case they want to do a shirtless scene and I can do it and not feel disgusted, but it does help even in my own preparation for the role. I feel like less of an imposter. But I did do two [shirtless] scenes, which, they got cut!"

Meanwhile, the "Knocked Up" star - who has been married to screenwriter Julie Yaeger since 2003 and has Jack, 17, and 13-year-old Darby with her - went on to add that his kids would probably concede that he is "cool" but admitted that because he is just dad to them, they "mock" him relentlessly despite his Hollywood status.

Speaking on the "Smallzy's Surgery" podcast, he added, "I think my kids probably deep down do think I'm cool but I'm their dad so I can only be so cool and they mock me mercilessly."

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