Kate Moss Gets Her Private Photos Leaked After Sister Lottie's Facebook Is Hacked

A hacker has reportedly broken into the 18-year-old model's Facebook account and circulated the siblings' private photos on the internet.

AceShowbiz - %cKate Moss% has become the latest victim of online hacking. The 42-year-old model recently got her private photos leaked after a hacker reportedly broke into her sister %cLottie Moss%'s Facebook account.

According to The Sun, the leaked pictures include "some taken at Kate's wild birthday celebrations earlier this year, showing her sprawled on the floor with pals and looking extremely worse for wear." Also seen in the leaked images was her on-off boyfriend %cNikolai Von Bismarck%. Some fan pages reportedly began posting the photos, seemingly unaware that the model siblings had been raided.

After regaining access to her account, Lottie allegedly posted on Twitter, "When ur Facebook gets hacked and they change ur password lol okay."

"Kate isn't on social media but Lottie is quite open on all her platforms - although she has become far more guarded now," a source revealed, "She realises she's a target for trolls who want information on her and her sister. None of the images were ever intended to be shared with the world so it's not very nice for them to have these personal moments pored over by some faceless hacker."

On Saturday, October 1, Lottie tweeted a photo of her and fellow models at Paris Fashion Week.

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