Chris Hemsworth Surprises a Super-Fan Secretary with Ellen DeGeneres, Gives Her Massage

The 'Huntsman: Winter's War' actor gave a lucky Warner Bros. secretary a massage on National Administrative Professionals Day in a segment airing on 'Ellen' on Wednesday, April 27.

AceShowbiz - %cChris Hemsworth% surprised a lucky super fan who works as a secretary at Warner Bros. on National Administrative Professionals Day along with %cEllen DeGeneres%. In a segment airing on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" on Wednesday, April 27, the "Thor" actor gave the super fan a massage.

"Even though we're on the lot here, there are a lot of people who work who don't get to meet celebrities," Ellen said in the intro, "Since Chris Hemsworth plays an administrative professional in the new 'Ghostbusters' movie, I invited him to go surprise some people who work hard-very, very hard-every day."

Arriving at Warner Bros., Ellen told Chris, "Let's sneak. Duck down, 'cause there's a door. Lower. Lower. Just lower! We don't want them to see you." Chris then did an army crawl. Ellen added, "Lower. Just a little bit lower. OK, let's go." Chris said it hurts his knees, but Ellen shushed him. "Quieter!"

When they reached the super fan's office, the lucky lady said, "Oh, my! Are you kidding?" Ellen replied, "No, we're not. Happy Administrative Professionals Day." The fan said, "Oh, my God! This is amazing!"

Ellen said, "We knew that you like Chris because I snoop around at night. I do a lot of cleaning at night. He's going to actually take care of you today since you're so used to taking care of other people. So, have a seat. He's going to massage you." As Chris got to work, he asked, "Any tense areas in particular?" Ellen added, "Harder? You want oil? What do you want? Anything?" The fan then replied, " Can we get naked?"

"He's married!" Ellen reminded the fan who told Chris, "You have beautiful children, by the way." The host then joked, "When you say 'Can we get naked?' did you mean me?" The fan said, "Oh, sure! Threesome?" Ellen said, caught off guard. "OK! Wow, you're a little kinky."

Ellen told the fan another surprise that "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" will fly her to New York City so she can attend the "Ghostbusters" premiere with Chris, %cMelissa McCarthy%, %cKristen Wiig%, %cLeslie Jones% and %cKate McKinnon%. "You'll probably stay in Chris' room," Ellen joked, to which the fan replied, "I don't have to take my husband, right?" After giving Chris one last hug, she said, "I'm never showering again." Chris joked, "Me neither!"

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