Someone's Great-Grandpa Eerily Looks Like Matthew McConaughey

The Oscar-winning actor has found himself a doppleganger in the ancestor of Tennessee native Sanders Parker.

AceShowbiz - Dr. Andrew Sanders may not be a recognizable name in Hollywood but he has just gotten his fame years after his death. A Chattanooga, Tennessee guy by the name of Sanders Parker posted a photo of his great-great-grandpa who eerily looks exactly like %cMatthew McConaughey%.

The photo has been in the family for years but Parker's sister finally gets ahold of it. "The likeness is uncanny. It was too good not to share," Parker, who posted it on Reddit, told ABC News. "His name was Dr. Andrew Sanders, and he's also where I get my namesake from. Apparently he was the man."

The image has been viewed more than 1 million times after Parker publicized it. "It's been a lot of fun," Parker continued. "My sister deserves most of the credit. My uncle posted it originally [on Facebook] and my sister pointed out the resemblance. I'm just the one who took it and ran with it."

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Parker's grandmother Martha also talked about Dr. Andrew, "I can see him right now sitting on the porch with his feet propped up on the banister, smoking his pipe."

Parker swore that the image was not a result of photoshop. "I know it's hard to believe in the photoshop age that this isn't altered, but it really is straight up original," he said. "I think Redditors do pretty good detective work. They'd definitely find me out. And my family isn't savvy enough to attempt that."

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