Watch Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard's Super Cute Version of Toto's 'Africa' Music Video

During a trip to Africa before welcoming their children a few years ago, the pair created their own music video for the iconic song to honor the band.

AceShowbiz - Besides seeing Africa's wild animals in the flesh and enjoying the beautiful scenery, what else can you do while going on an African safari? What about creating a cute music video like what Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard did?

During their vacation in the country, the adorable couple decided to pay tribute to Toto by creating their very own clip for the group's iconic song "Africa". They took the trip a few years ago before welcoming their kids Lincoln (2) and Delta (1), but the video was finally shared by Shepard on Wednesday, January 27 via his YouTube channel.

For about five minutes, the pair lip-sync the track with gorillas, zebras and a pack of giraffes in the background. They also sing under the pouring rain, goof around with sticks in the forest and walk hand in hand through the open fields.

The video didn't go unnoticed by Toto, who clearly loves Bell and Shepard's version. "#CoupleGoals Approved," the band wrote on their Facebook page Thursday.

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