Charlize Theron's Alleged Stalker Arrested During Flower Delivery

The 'Mad Max: Fury Road' actress calls the cops on a man who came to her house with flowers and demanded to see her.

AceShowbiz - A man was arrested for allegedly stalking Charlize Theron. According to TMZ, the "Mad Max: Fury Road" actress was forced to call law enforcement after the man reportedly demanded to see her and refused to leave her house until he met her.

The incident happened Sunday, October 5. The man was rumored to show up on Theron's doorstep in the Hollywood Hills with a bouquet of flowers. The actress asked him to leave the flowers at her gate but he insisted to hand them to her personally.

Charlize Theron, a mother of one, is not the only celebrity dealing with unwanted admirer. Just recently, Keira Knightley's Broadway debut was disrupted by an overzealous male fan. He threw a bouquet of flowers onto the stage and shouted, "Will you marry me?" to the British star.

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