Chris Hemsworth Faces Gigantic Whale in New 'In the Heart of the Sea' Trailer

Owen Chase, a 19th-century seaman, is forced to do the unthinkable to stay alive after a mammoth-sized whale attacks his ship in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

AceShowbiz - Warner Bros. Pictures has released a new trailer for "In the Heart of the Sea". %cChris Hemsworth% stars as an embattled seaman, Owen Chase, who struggles to save his and other seamen's life after a very angry whale wrecks their ship in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

"We were heading for the edge of the Earth, left home behind with a slither of hope searching for the truth," says someone in voiceover. The new trailer offers a new scene in which Chase promises his wife to come back home after the voyage.

The film is based on a best-selling novel entitled "In the Heart of the Sea: The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex" by Nathaniel Philbrick which tells the true story of the ship attacked by a sperm whale in 1820. The crew was stranded and starving at sea for 90 days, causing disease, hunger and cannibalism. The event inspired Herman Melville (%cBen Whishaw%), one of the survivors of the whaling ship, to retell the tale in his own book "Moby Dick".

Hemsworth leads the cast which include %cCillian Murphy%, %cBenjamin Walker%, %cCharlotte Riley%, %cTom Holland% and %cBrendan Gleeson%. Ron Howard directs the movie with a screenplay written by Charles Leavitt. The action adventure movie will be released in North America on December 11.

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