Stan Lee Reveals Reasons That Cause 'Fantastic Four' Failure

The former president of Marvel Comics revealed the reasons why the superhero movie flopped, saying that it might be because he 'didn't have a cameo in it.'

AceShowbiz - Josh Trank's "The Fantastic Four" was a total flop at box office. It was slammed by critics and received poor reviews. Following the failure, the director blamed 20th Century Fox for not using his idea. Regardless of what Trank said, Stan Lee, the former president and chairman of Marvel Comics, pointed out other reasons that caused the failure.

In an interview with Larry King, Lee was asked why "Fantastic Four" flopped. "Well, it was probably because I didn't have a cameo in it," Lee answered jokingly. "And they didn't discuss the story with me," he continued. Lee also admitted that, just like most people in America, he had not seen the movie. "I haven't seen it yet, so I really can't comment," he said.

Although Lee didn't obligate Trank to discuss the story with him, Trank should have called him to make a short conversation regarding the movie. Lee is the world's greatest expert on Marvel's first family and he is the creator of the original "Fantastic Four" comic books, in which he collaborated with Jack Kirby.

Trank's "Fantastic Four" was one of the few Marvel movies Lee didn't appear in, as he has made dozens of cameo appearances in Marvel movies and TV shows.

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