'True Detective' Season 2 Finale Sees a Bunch of Dead Bodies

The killers responsible for Ben Caspere's death were also revealed in the 90-minute episode airing on August 9.

AceShowbiz - The second season of "True Detective" wrapped up on Sunday night, August 9. After seven episodes of trying to unravel the mystery of Ben Caspere's death, the 90-minute last episode called "Omega Station" reveals who really killed him.

The episode [SPOILER ALERT!] started with Ani and Ray in bed together talking about the darkest moments from the past. She opened up about being molested while he admitted to killing a man he wrongly accused of raping his wife.

Later, Ray received a phone call from Burris who told him that Paul Woodrugh is dead. Ray told him that he knew about the 1992 diamond robbery that involved Burris, Caspere and Holloway.

Leonard and Erica/Laura, two kids who were orphaned as a result of the heist, were revealed to be the ones behind Caspere's death. Laura, who was found chained to her brother's fireplace when Ray and Ani went to Leonard's home, confessed she and her brother conspired to avenge their parents' deaths. She told them Leonard was already on his way to meet Holloway to trade Caspere's hard drive, which automatically erased itself when stolen, for the diamonds.

Ray got to Leonard before the exchange. Holloway then told Ray that Laura was actually Caspere's daughter from an affair with the jeweler's wife. The revelation angered Leonard who attacked Holloway with a knife. Pretty soon, guns were being fired and Burris got wounded in the arm before taking off. Both Leonard and Holloway were shot and killed, while Ray and Ani got away as cops arrived on the scene.

After solving the mystery behind Caspere's death, Ray helped Frank take vengeance on the people who took his money and interest in the rail deal. Their plan was to sail away to South America, but first Frank and Ray decided to raid Osip's cabin in the woods for a few million dollars in traveling money.

In the end, Ray and Frank also got killed as they prepared themselves to leave the country with fresh passports and new identities. Tailed by Burris, Ray desperately tried to send the last voicemail to his son before he was shot to death. Meanwhile, Frank got carjacked by the Mexican drug cartel who stabbed him and left him to slowly die in the desert.

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