'The Amazing Race' Season 26 Winners Found 'a Lasting Friendship' on the Show

'The Amazing Race' Season 26 Winners Found 'a Lasting Friendship' on the Show

One team went home with the $1 million grand prize after heading back to the U.S. at the end of the race which featured a blind date twist.
The round-the-world trip of "The Amazing Race" season 26 ended as the finale aired on Friday, May 15. The final four teams, Jenny & Jelani, Hayley & Blair, Laura & Tyler as well as Mike & Rochelle, flew to Dallas at the beginning of the episode and headed to AT&T Stadium, where they faced a Roadblock.

A member of each team had to dress in a Dallas Cowboys uniform and was shot up to the very top of AT&T Stadium where they had to retrieve a playbook. After returning to the ground, they had to catch a touchdown pass and score a field goal. Tyler finished first, followed by Blair.

The clue led them to P2 Ranch where they dressed up as cowboys to corral longhorns into a pen. There, host Phil Keoghan was waiting for them as it was an elimination point. While three teams were going neck-to-neck, Mike and Rochelle showed up way too late and they were eliminated.

The remaining three teams headed to Reunion Tower where they encountered another Roadblock. Each team's member had to rappel from the top of Reunion Tower and spot a clue on the way down. Hayley saw the wrong flag, so she and Blair were put in the third place.

Their next destination as written on the clue was a railroad shed near the Trinity River. There, they had to drive monster trucks through a mud pit. After that, they faced a memory challenge where they had to put their selfies from the race on a large world map in chronological order. Laura and Tyler completed the challenge first while Hayley and Blair just arrived at the place.

They headed to the finish line at Continental Avenue Bridge, with Jenny and Jelani trailing behind. Laura and Tyler eventually arrived first and won the $1 million grand prize. "I found love with the world. I've found a lasting friendship," Tyler said of what he found during his 21-day-trip with Laura, whom he just met at the beginning of the race. "We're never gonna forget this. ... Laura, she's been awesome. We balance each other out well. We're here because we're a team. We made this work."

Jenny and Jelani finished in the second place, while Hayley and Blair were third.

The only pair who went on dating after being set up as a team on the show were Jeff and Jackie.

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