'The Amazing Race' Season 31 Finale Recap: And the Winner Is...

The two-hour episode of season 31 of the popular CBS show features the remaining four teams competing in Legs 11 and 12 to take home the coveted $1 million prize.

AceShowbiz - The winner of "The Amazing Race" season 31 was revealed on Wednesday, June 26. The two-hour episode featured the remaining four teams, Colin Guinn and Christie Woods, Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl, Leo Temory and Jamal Zadran as well as Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo, competing in Legs 11 and 12 to win the coveted $1 million prize.

The first hour took place in London and the teams had to take a helicopter ride to a castle after arriving in London. The Road Block required the players to correctly crack a code and Leo and Jamal, who arrived first, successfully finished the Road Block first. Following them was Victor with Korey being right behind him. Christie, meanwhile, struggled and fell behind.

Next, they had to find a "golden queen" for the next clue. At the Detour, the teams were given two options: memorizing a difficult cab route or rowing a 200 meter course in under a minute. Leo and Jamal chose to row but struggled immediately. They later quickly switch over to the taxi challenge which was not easier than the row challenge.

Christie and Colin, Nicole and Victor alongside Tyler and Korey also picked the rowing. However, Tyler/Korey and Nicole/Victor eventually changed Detours.

Arriving at the Pit Stop first were Leo/Jamal. They needed to find several items around a market before checking in. Leo/Jamal won the leg, with Tyler/Korey coming in second. Colin/Christie took the third place. With that, Nicole/Victor were eliminated.

The three teams then flew back to the U.S. to pick up the next clue in Detroit. The players had to propel 500 feet down a building, and memorize a series of numbers on the way down to open a vault at the Road Block. Again, Leo finished the task first though he didn't know how to open the vault. Colin managed to open it but he and Christie lost track of their taxi. Tyler/Korey eventually got on their cab first before Colin/Christie even found their cab.

Tyler/Korey later finished the next challenge, which was a Fowling, first. Colin/Christie followed them, while Leo was still at the Road Back as he struggled to open the vault. Leo finally finished the task and quickly got on their way with Jamal, but Tyler/Korey and Colin/Christie were already at the next challenge at the time.

The next challenge saw them having to produce 5 vinyl records. Colin/ Christie easily finished it on their first try and Tyler/Korey were also done with the task not long after. Later at the next destination, the players were required to assemble a five-piece drum set. It was such a very intense competition between Colin/Christie and Tyler/Korey.

The two teams finished almost at the same time, making it come down to a taxi ride. Finally, it was Colin/Christie who reached the finish line first, making them the winner. Tyler/Korey were close behind in second place while Leo and Jamae came as the third place finisher. Congratulations, Colin and Christie!

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