Cobie Smulders Sparkles in Topless Photo for Women's Health Cover

The 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' star poses topless on the May 2015 cover of Women's Health magazine, showing her toned arm, lean abs and muscular back.

AceShowbiz - %cCobie Smulders% goes topless for Women's Health magazine. For the cover of the magazine's May 2015 edition, the "Avengers: Age of Ultron" actress was shot sideways while wearing only super mini pants and some bracelets. In the snapshot, Cobie looked definitely fit and firm with her toned arm, lean abs and muscular back although she gave birth to her second child only three months ago.

"I'm getting to an age where pretty soon people are not going to want to see me topless, so I should cash in on that now," Cobie was bashful while speaking about the photo. "So I just went for it."

Although Cobie is no stranger to baring body in front of camera, she explained that it's different this time. "I wasn't trying to appear 'sexy,' which was interesting," she said of the difference. "Because it's a women's magazine, I feel like being topless is more about being confident and about being happy with your body, rather than trying to excite somebody else. That's what this cover was more about."

Later, Cobie revealed her healthy and fitness secrets. "I've never been one to go to a gym and power it out, but I recently discovered SoulCycle like the rest of the world," she explained. "I know it's like a thing. But there's one really close to my place and I go, and I sweat, and I just pound it for 45 minutes and then I feel great. So exercise."

Besides the workout, Cobie opened up about her strategies to cope with stress. "Besides just gorging myself with cheese, I like naps, when I can do them," the mother of two explained while joking. "Those help. I don't get too stressed out. I'm a pretty mellow person. So when it happens, I just take a time out. I give myself a time out. Especially when I'm with my kid, I'm like 'I need a timeout, I'm going to give myself a timeout!' and then walk away."

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