Video: Ashton Kutcher Goes Undercover to Prank Customers in Australia

Speaking in Australian accent, Ashton used unconventional selling technique to persuade customers to buy Lenovo's new Yoga tablet resulting in some funny moments.

AceShowbiz - %cAshton Kutcher% went undercover as a salesman at JB Hi-Fi in Sydney, Australia in a Lenovo commercial. Wearing a curly blonde wig, black-rimmed glasses, and a baseball hat, he was successful pretending to be a salesman of an electronic store. He showed unsuspecting customers the company's new Yoga tablet.

In the commercial video filmed last month, Ashton seemed to enjoy his role so much. Speaking in Australian accent, Ashton used a unique and funny selling technique to make customers buy the tablet resulting in some funny moments. At one moment, %cDemi Moore%'s ex-husband left an old lady alone with a device which was full of pictures of animal mating. "They're all humping!" she exclaimed.

When Ashton came back and found the lady was scrolling the screen, he quipped, "What's this? I told you not to touch it. This is my collection, and you're just, like, flippin' through it like it's your grandkid's or something." Then, he switched on the camera on the very same device and kissed her on the lips for a funny selfie. "I think it's beautiful," he said of the result of the snapshot.

Talking to other customers, a man and a woman, he asked the man to pull up the tablet with a photo of Ashton himself while the father of Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher attempted to strike a similar pose. "Does that look like me?" he asked. "Yeah, it's pretty close, right?"

Ashton also used a very unconventional method to two male customers. He challenged one of the men to play arm wrestling. "Here is the deal. If I win, you buy one of the devices," he challenged the well-built man.

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