Taran Killam 'Proud' of Dakota Johnson's ISIS Sketch on 'SNL' Amidst Controversy

Without directly responding to the debate regarding the controversial sketch, Taran Killam tweeted, 'Freedom to mock is our greatest weapon.'

AceShowbiz - Taran Killam has no regret starring with Dakota Johnson in a controversial ISIS sketch that aired during "Saturday Night Live" over the weekend. "Proud of this," the comedian wrote on Twitter as public was split over the parody.

Johnson plays a high school graduate and Killam portrays her father. In a scene taken out of Camry commercial at the Super Bowl, he gets emotional when sending her off to join the violent group.

One of the critics called the joke "downright offensive." Another referred to the militant group's victims, "It's totally insensitive to Kayla Mueller's family and others who have been subject to these so called humans." Mueller was captured and killed while volunteering abroad.

A defending commenter, however, said, "Apparently no one knows the meaning of satirical anymore. Maybe the better question is what kind of moral compass are parents giving their kids that they would join a murderous band of barbarians like ISIS?" Another agreed that the parody was not meant to be funny, but "potent."

Killam himself wrote, "Freedom to mock is our greatest weapon. Thanks to the writers who asked not to be mentioned by name."

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