Dakota Johnson Jokes About 'Fifty Shades of Grey' and ISIS on 'Saturday Night Live'

The Anastasia Steele depicter makes fun of her kinky movie during her 'SNL' monologue and sparks controversy with her ISIS sketch.

AceShowbiz - Dakota Johnson hosted "Saturday Night Live" when the sketch show returned February 28 after celebrating the 40th anniversary two weeks ago. She discussed life after "Fifty Shades of Grey", saying her dry cleaner wouldn't look her in the eye anymore and her dog walker winked at her whenever taking the leash off the wall.

"I have a funny feeling at next year's Oscars, it's going to be ... not anywhere," Johnson quipped in her monologue as she referred to the movie's lukewarm review. She, however, noted that the movie was a commercial success with "$500 million" and a "very specific group of fans."

At one point, the actress was interrupted by a male audience wearing leather outfit but she was determined not to take any questions. "What if I begged?" he asked, before asking her to sign his wife's ball gag.

"Now I understand why my parents won't be seeing my movie," she deadpanned, referring to her awkward interview with her mother Melanie Griffith at the Oscars red carpet. Just in case people didn't know who her parent was, she explained that "in December of 1988, my mother stood in exact spot and hosted 'SNL.' "

"Right after the show, my father got down on one knee and proposed to her, for the second time. And exactly 9 months later I was born. So I must've been conceived after the show or even during the show," she joked before the camera zoomed in on her mother and father Don Johnson covering their eyes in the audience. "We were just afraid you were going to be naked," they explained.

In a controversial sketch, Johnson poked fun at ISIS. She played a high schooler who joined the militant group after graduation. In a scene taken out of one of the car commercials at the Super Bowl, her father played by Taran Killam got emotional as he sent his daughter off.

Meanwhile, the "Weekend Update" segment saw Jay Pharoah's Kanye West apologized for his antics. "I'm sorry. I've got so many things to apologize for, so buckle up," he rapped. "To all that I missed, over the years I dissed. I'm still getting killed for what I said to Taylor Swift, for shifting the blame, for taking your acclaim, for giving my baby North a directional name, I'm sorry."

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