Jon Stewart and Seth Rollins' Verbal War Heats Up After WWE Star's 'Daily Show' Diss

Stewart said Rollins' claim that he could make 'The Daily Show' 'watchable' was 'the biggest mistake (he's) ever made,' and the pro wrestler has responded to the comedian's comment.

AceShowbiz - %cJon Stewart% and %cSeth Rollins% have engaged in a war of words which began when the WWE star called out the Comedy Central host. On Monday, February 16, Rollins boasted about himself on "RAW", declaring that he could do anything, including becoming President or taking over for Stewart on "The Daily Show" "and make that thing actually watchable."

Responding to Rollins' claim, Stewart said in his own video, "This is the biggest mistake you've ever coming after the Daily Show, you just stepped in a world of hurt, my friend."

"I'm coming for you Rollins. And you're gonna see hundred and sixty pounds of dynamite," he said in a threatening tone, before adding, "My bone density isn't what it used to be. 160 pounds of a soft wood. Like a pine."

Rollins later took to Twitter to hit back at Stewart, writing, "You know where to find me Mr. Stewart. @WWEJJSecurity will even hold up the middle rope for you." He also told "TMZ Hollywood Sports" that he's not scared at all of Stewart, calling him "ancient."

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