Bomb Scare Near Venue of Oscars Proven to Be False Alarm

A spokesperson for the LAPD says that there are no explosives found on the intersection of Hollywood and Highland which is near the venue of the upcoming Oscars.

AceShowbiz - A bomb scare near the venue where the upcoming Oscars will be held is proven to be false. On Thursday, February 19, a man was stopped by the police for reckless driving on the intersection of Hollywood and Highland, which is not far from the Oscars venue. The man then exited his ride while carrying a propane tank. He also claimed to the officers that he had explosives in the trunk of his car.

The man was taken into custody while the police investigated the claim. A spokesperson for the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed that there were no explosives found during the investigation.

The 87th annual Academy Awards is set to take place on Sunday at the Dolby Theatre with %cNeil Patrick Harris% as the host. During a Wednesday night appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!", the 41-year-old actor and the late night chat show's host %cJimmy Kimmel% were cooking up a scandal so that he has juicy material for the upcoming hosting gig.

"Maybe you get caught not being gay or something like that," Kimmel suggested with a laugh. "Maybe you get caught with a hot chick. That would be a hell of a thing." In response to his idea, Harris replied, "I tried that in 'Gone Girl' and you know how that ended."

Speaking to Kimmel, the "How I Met Your Mother" star also shared that he had some jokes he wanted to present at the upcoming ceremony, but some were already mentioned during the Golden Globe Awards. "Anything that Tiny [Fey] and Amy [Poehler] say ah, damn it, and scratch those off," he said.

"I'm concerned and always pondering the right thing to do," Harris said at one point. "Do you make jokes at people because they're funny or because they're nominated for an Academy Award? But if you don't do that at all, are you being too saccharine?"

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