Chris Pratt Dons Leopard Bra With Dinosaurs During Hasty Pudding's Man of the Year Event

After visiting Christopher's Haven in Boston, the 'Guardians of the Galaxy' star went to Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts to be honored with a celebratory roast.

AceShowbiz - Hasty Pudding's Man of the Year Chris Pratt was honored with a celebratory roast at Harvard University, in Cambridge, Massachusetts on Friday, February 6. The "Guardians of the Galaxy" actor sported a leopard-printed bra with dinosaurs toys at the Ivy League's Farkas Hall.

During the celebratory roast, the Harvard theater group joked to Chris, saying, "I guess the key to a successful marriage is an unsuccessful movie." Joshua Friedman added, "Our Man of the Year played a minor character who had a major role in getting the show canceled." Joshua and Zoe Rosenthal also poked fun at Chris' role in "Deep in the Valley", saying viewers asked for refunds after watching it. Chris responded, "Joke's on you: It didn't even open in theaters."

When presented with the traditional golden Pudding Pot, Chris said, "I'm just having the best time. Thank you so much to everybody here. I've just been having the most remarkable day." He said that he had a Harvard sweater in fifth grade. "I only could have owned that at the time if it was for sale at Kmart for $5 or less. So I would say you've come a long way, Harvard," he added.

At a press conference after the ceremony, Chris talked about his favorite superhero, the Super Bowl and his visit to Christopher's Haven with Chris Evans earlier in the day. "I guess probably Captain America is probably the best superhero," he told reporters of her favorite superhero, "Because he was one I heard the first as a kid. I knew Captain America when I was not even four years old."

Of the Super Bowl, the "Parks and Recreation" star said, "The Super Bowl was just truly amazing. I had so much fun." Chris, who's a Seattle Seahawks fan, also praised Tom Brady, saying he's a "legend" and "the greatest living quarterback so far."

Chris then shared about his visit to Christopher's Haven. "Christopher's Haven is one of the places sets Evans' charity, he has done a lot of work for them. It's a really fantastic place that I hadn't known much about it beforedoing this TwittterBowl bet with him. It's a really amazing home-type of environment for kids who are dealing with cancer to go and hang out and just have support. It doesn't really feel like a hospital. I feel it's like just an area where kids who are in treatment can spend time together."

Chris Pratt at 2015 Hasty Pudding's Man of the Year Event:

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